Oh you look so gorgeous with red hair!! I love it!<3 <3 <3

Awww my beautiful angel !!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you ! for being so sweet and nice!


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Finally i have found the time to go change my hair color today at the hairdresser YASSS !!!Red Ambition.

 And this is my prayer, I swear, I’m as free as my hair.

And even if i’m dead tired i send a lot of love to all of you guys! i miss you a lot too and i love you ..

Marie xxx.

@ladygaga: Chipmunk Cheeks Wisdom Teeth out before tour. I can’t eat. I’m gonna put some meatballs in a blender.

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@germanottajoe: Goodbye Roseland. We will miss you and cherish our final moments. 

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You are not a bitch!:) I still love you even though you don't post so much! Hope you can get a break soon! xx

AWHSGXV you are so wonderful and sweet with me i don’t deserve you , my beautiful angel I LOVE YOU.xx